T2-3-2431CBHP Sonnax

T2-3-2431CBHP Sonnax Slip Yoke GM 32 Spline 1330 Series 5.500" Forged Chromoly

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Sonnax performance slip yoke T2-3-2431CBHP is designed specifically for transmission output shafts that are threaded on the output end. This forged chromoly yoke features a counterbore to convert these shafts from a bolt-on style to a slip-style yoke. Being compatible with a 1330 u-joint, it's possible to use a solid (non-greasable) joint, which is stronger than a 1350 to 1330 conversion joint. It's an ideal upgrade for superior strength and durability, whether at the strip, on the street or at the track.

Fits: TH400, 4L80-E, Muncie M20, 21 & 22, BorgWarner T10

  • Spline Type: Counterbore
  • Driveline Series: 1330
  • Material: Forged Chromoly
  • Spline Tooth Count: 32
  • Journal Dia.: 1.886"
  • CL to End Length: 5.500"
  • Length of Counter Bore: 0.550"
  • Barrel Length: 3.880"

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