Our Story



In 1992 we opened our doors at our original location in South Los Angeles on the corner of Central Ave and 60th St. What seemed at first a small transmission and differential repair shop quickly turned into performance oriented work. From Camaro's and Mustang's to Jeep’s and 4x4 Truck’s we began performing upgrades for our ever growing customer needs. Sooner than later, shops all over Los Angeles and DIY customers began inquiring about purchasing the parts we installed. This lead to our extensive inventory expansion and vast product knowledge that we have today. In 2008 in order to better serve our new customer base we opened a new store in East Los Angeles on Atlantic Ave and 4th St and in 2015 we consolidated both stores into one.

Today we operate solely out of our East Los Angeles store and still remain a small family business. We still offer the same services we did when we first opened for our strong loyal local customers but now also have a dedicated staff for online sales and distribution. With the acquired knowledge of decades in the industry from not only selling but also installing components and working with only reputable manufactures, you are assured to be buying from the best source of drivetrain parts. On behalf of our family, thank you for your business!

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