5460153 Auburn Grip-

5460153 Auburn Grip-N-Loc Posi for Ford Super 8.8" IRS 2015-2022 Mustang

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Welcome to Auburn Gear’s most advanced limited slip differential, the Grip-N-Loc®. It builds upon exclusive technologies previously found in our limited slip line, but is even more robust to satisfy the extreme demands of serious drivers. If you push the limits of performance and traction, perhaps through competition, or simply through extreme weather driving, Grip-N-Loc® is your best choice.


  • 2015-2022 Ford Mustang w/ Super 8.8" IRS 34 Spline 3.31-Up Ratios 


  • Upgrades your vehicle for safe transfer of increased power/torque across the axle.
  • Case material is up to 50% stronger than OE cases.
  • Advanced cone clutch technology provides 25% increase in bias ratio/increased traction.
  • Heat-treated, hardened-steel gear materials for confidence in extreme conditions.
  • Exclusive 2-year warranty.

Interchanges with Ford Racing P/N M-4204-M, M-4204-MT.

Supersedes 5420153.

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